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Biscuit (Retired)

Biscuit (Retired)
Biscuit (Retired) Biscuit (Retired) Biscuit (Retired)
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French Bulldog Breeding Mum - Biscuit (N/A)

Biscuit: Biscuit, biscuit, biscuit her nickname is “Muppet” She is into everything! She is very cheeky and is the number 1 instigator. She likes to chew things and eats anything that looks like it could fit in her mouth. Biscuit runs her own show. She is full of life and is also, like kilo, always on guard! Biscuit will stop at nothing to make sure she is the centre of attention and is always under foot.
Sex: Female
Colour: Fawn, Pied
Update: Biscuit is now retired and rehomed.


Please Note:

We have a strong conviction in making sure that associated breeders are properly registered and similiarly minded to ensure the quality-of-life of any pups from Biscuit. PLEASE no timewaster’s.


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