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Stunning Frenchie Puppies Now Available! New Puppies at ExoticPlanet.com.au Great Quality for The Herp Room Great Quality for The Home

Welcome to our site

Reptile enclosures, Snakes, French-Bulldogs. We seek to raise animals in a moral, ethical and loving environment, and to supply animal lovers with the superb gear to sustain a pet’s great life.

So we source only the best quality habitats and accessories we can find from around the world. We are especially excited to introduce our Reptile Line of beautiful enclosures in July/August 2014, and our enclosure can now be pre-ordered. We also look forward to introducing a high quality Parrot range of Habitats, Perches, Toys and accessories!

We'd love our exotic pets and their stunning living spaces to fit in with your home and your standard of living, so enjoy the site and contact us for any enquiries! Sincerely, Chris & Matt

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