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Our Frenchie Facilities

Check out our purpose built rooms and outside runs for our expanded pack of Frenchies. There is our air conditioned frenchie room, the puppy room, our crafted dog-runs and of course some free-range areas with grass and trees. See the features of each constructed area as you read the descriptions that come with each photo here. We also offer more exclusive photos on our Facebook page!


Climate Controlled

Stylish black dog cage habitats in an air-conditioned and renovated room with art on the walls and a Brindle French Bulldog sitting in one of the stylish cages.

The Frenchie Room here provides our french bulldogs with a number of good quality dog-crates. Each crate is easily cleanable and lockable and contains bedding and water bowls. The room is climate controlled for escaping harsh weather conditions and a cozy night's sleep.


Generously Sized Dog Crates

Our Brindle female and our Fawn/White/Pied male Frankie help demonstrate the generous size of the crates. Shown above in the centre is our loveable Frankie.


Specially Designed Puppy Areas

The puppy room is next to the Frenchie Room, it contains welp boxes and a gated puppy play-area, positioned and designed by Chris.


We use heat globes and heat mats for maintaining the body warmth of the young pups.


This is the movable puppy pen area. It seems like we spend half our lives cleaning this space, we keep a corner heated and covered in bedding and throw in a toy or two.


Outside Hand-Crafted Dog Runs

Check out our beautifully crafted dog runs above! We absolutely love them! We constructed them ourselves alongside a certified carpenter. Each run spans 2.5m by 10m and has a latched gate that opens out into a wide grassy enclosed space.

As you can see from our undisclosed location we surrounded by beautiful bushland and large open spaces.


Here the pups are playing with the ball in the shell pool while it is empty. We are proud that our animals have a lot of freedom of movement.


This is a wider frame showing more of a sense of the large space available to them within the dog runs and beyond. The photos on facebook reveal further detailed close-ups. We have since added two adjacent runs for our expanded family of frenchies.

We welcome any suggestions or ideas if you want to fb-message us at Exotic Planet!


Sincerely, Chris & Matt

Feel free to email us or call us for any further information.