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Reptile Enclosures

Reptile Enclosures

Choosing the right reptile enclosure will depend on how many snakes you want to house, the size and age of the reptile/s, their required bedding and hide, how you plan to light, heat and control the humidity, and where you want to display them.

The breeder will need to consider how he manages rearing hatchings as they grow in size and the enthusiast will also want to consider how to best display his reptiles in the home. At exotic planet, our range of reptile enclosures are specially manufactured (in the USA) to last, to perform beautifully, and to display seamlessly between the breeder’s herp room and the enthusiast’s home decor.

Crafted to last, professional to display. Shop now for quality reptile enclosures, terrariums, cages, incubators:

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Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large)
Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large) This modular habitat is great for the smaller sized terrestr..
Arboreal Reptile Cage (Single)
Arboreal Reptile Cage (Single) This is a great modular cage for any tree-dwelling snake or re..
Arboreal Reptile Rack (Small)
Arboreal Reptile Rack (Small)
 This particular unit is perfect for the serious breeder of a..
Arboreal Reptile Rack (Large)
Arboreal Reptile Rack (Large)
 This series of reptile racks is perfect for the next growth ..