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Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large)

Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large)
Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large) Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large) Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large)
Product Code: RCage003
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Price: AU$640.00
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Terrestrial Reptile Cage (Large)

This modular habitat is great for the smaller sized terrestrial (land dwelling) or amphibian (both land and aquatic) reptile. Suitable for snakes, lizards, geckos, and most reptiles. The very roomy habitat comes with built-in heating and lighting, and can become stackable with the smaller terrestrial cage and the single arboreal cage.

Our reptiles and snakes get quite attached and comfortable in these modular tanks. And we love that we can have our family pet snakes not hidden away but in our day-to-day life, being both easily accessible and also looking at home. ...They look simply fantastic dressed up.

Simply plug in the module and play.


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External Dimensions: 38cm High x 143cm Wide x 53.5cm Deep
Floor Heating
Sliding Glass Doors
Fluorescent Light (UVB Available at additional costs)
Made from Hollow PVC Board in the USA



As we have a unique relationship to our American manufacturer, we are the sole distributors of these quality reptile racks.

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