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Reptile Sexing Probe Kit

Reptile Sexing Probe Kit
Reptile Sexing Probe Kit Reptile Sexing Probe Kit
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Reptile Sexing Probe Kit

The Reptile Sexing Probe Kit is a key piece of equipment in reptile husbandry. Knowing the difference between male and female snakes is simply a matter of experience and practice. And probing is probably the best way to confirm your visual examinations, even as they become second nature.

Please note that caution, and delicate care should always be used when probing the sex or gender of your reptile or snake.



Set includes 4 different sized tips, covering various sizes and ages.
Comes with a leathercase.



For the simply curious beginner, it is highly recommended that you find a vet or experienced keeper to demonstrate probing because there is serious risk of harm or injury to the snake if you do it yourself.

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