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Flexwatt - Flexible Heat Tape

Flexwatt - Flexible Heat Tape
Flexwatt - Flexible Heat Tape
Product Code: Rheat055
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Flexwatt - Flexible Heat Tape

Price is per metre. The flexible tape is 90mm wide and can output 20 watts of power per metre.

Flexible, and perfectly suited to herp temperatures, the Flexwatt Heat Tape is a great source of under-tank heating or under-tub belly-heat. Perfect for a DIY custom home setup, serious herpetoculturists will appreciate the excellent quality of the well-known brand.

Warning: As this product must be manufactured after purchase, there is no warranty and all liability passes onto the person doing the wiring. Once safely setup, be sure to monitor and control your heat tape with an electrical thermostat, dimmer, rheostat or similar device. Failure to do so, may result in a fire hazard, damage to the surrounded surfaces and the enclosure, and - most important of all - the lack of care may result in damage to the health of the enclosed reptile.

It is recommended that you are comfortable and familiar with some simple wiring of this electrical item, before purchasing. And it is highly recommended to keep the temperature limit to under 95 degrees. We recommend constructing with Flexwatt Covers and Flexwatt Clips for the best quality.



90mm Wide, 20 Watt (per metre)
Flexwatt is ultra-thin, at .012 inches thick, and is sealed in durable, flexible polyurethane.

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