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Reptile Security Glass Door Rubber Wedges (6/pack)

Reptile Security Glass Door Rubber Wedges (6/pack)
Reptile Security Glass Door Rubber Wedges (6/pack)
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Reptile Security Glass Door Rubber Wedges (6/pack)

Reptiles, snakes and even livefood have been known to escape through small holes, and unsecured reptile enclosures and vivariums.

To prevent accidental openings and cleverly pushed escapes, use these Reptile Security Glass Door Rubber Wedges. An invaluable item for securing the reptile enclosure, these wedges are not only a great prompt for a secure routine in opening and closing the enclosure, but they hold a firm grip of the glass doors.

User-friendly, simply place into the gap between the sliding glass door panels and apply gently pressure to hold in place. Great in conjunction with the Reptile Security Sliding Glass Lock.



Made from rubber.
Each pack comes with 6 wedges.
Being wedges, they are versatile for various types and sizes of reptile terrarium or cages.



Please note that caution should always be exercised when handling glass - the wedges only require a small amount of pressure to be fixed into place.

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