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Reptile Egg Incubator (Small)

Reptile Egg Incubator (Small)
Reptile Egg Incubator (Small)
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Reptile Egg Incubator (Small)

This cabinet-style reptile incubator is great for incubating snake, lizard, gecko, turtles and reptile eggs.

The unit comes with front opening doors and plastic-coated wire shelving to allow a free flow of air around each box. Built-in fans suck air in at the top of the incubator and then sends it through the heating chamber at the back of the incubator, then back into the incubator at the bottom so there is a continuous re-circulation of warmed air which keeps temps even throughout the incubator.

All our reptile incubators, display cabinets and breeding rack systems look stunning individually or as a set and are made from Hollow PVC Board, which has natural insulation properties of its own.


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External Dimensions: 92cm High x 61cm Wide x 63.5cm Deep
Heavy Duty Casters (add 8cm to height)
Made in the USA

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